Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Shocking Truth Behind Michael Jackson's Anti-Gravity Illusion

Michael Jackson was (and still is) one of the most iconic artists to ever entertain the public. Having become a worldwide sensation after his break from The Jackson 5 in the latter half of the 1970s, this amazing man went on to redefine the music industry as we know it. From his unique voice and one-of-a-kind stage presence to moves including the moonwalk and an uncanny ability to coordinate with other dancers, he was a natural talent.The Shocking Truth Behind Michael Jackson's Anti-Gravity Illusion
In fact, some of his moves seemed to defy the laws of physics. We were suddenly all children once again as we watched him dance the evening away. An anti-gravity illusion was one of his best (and most awe-inspiring) tricks. Just how was this accomplished? Let us take the mystery out of this interesting question.

From Dream to Reality with the Help of a Shoe

The 1987 video "Smooth Criminal" featured a segment when he and other dancers leaned forward at a 45-degree angle; seemingly defying the laws of nature. While this initial trick was performed with the help of wires, Mr. Jackson wanted to recreate the stunt during live performances around the world. The end result was a mixture of illusion and engineering. It would not be long before a so-called "anti-gravity" shoe was developed. From Dream to Reality with the Help of a Shoe In 1992, Dennis Tompkins and Michael L. Bush patented a very unique type of shoe. There were two aspects which allowed this footwear to "stand" apart from the rest. One of the most critical pieces was what was known as a magic heel. There was a slot located within its base that would fit into a peg on the stage. When the two were engaged, he would be provided with the support to lean forward at such an amazing angle. Of course, this only took place after hours of practice before a live concert. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...


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